Media Anxieties

What are the current anxieties about media audiences and/or the media we are using?

Media anxieties refers to the problems or worries surrounding media. Anxiety is both a problem and a solution within the media. Often, media anxieties spur from a lack of understanding. However, much of the time media anxieties spur from negative experiences. Media anxieties range from issues such as cyber bullying, to child pornography, to online defamation.

There are many anxieties surrounding media audiences and the media we use. The main anxiety surrounding media audiences is the media’s high influence over its audience and the way in which it’s audience can be manipulated. This is a common anxiety among parents, as it is feared their children may misunderstand or misinterpret messages sent by media. Largely due to their young age and innocence, youth’s are highly vulnerable to online ‘trolls’, which further increases media anxiety surrounding media audiences.

Anxieties surrounding media audiences…

The influence of media on it’s audience is an issue which often sparks debate, particularly  when involving a young audience. Within society, it is a norm to be influenced by those seen to be in a position of power. (As timelessly demonstrated in the 2004 blockbuster ‘Mean Girls’.)


*But back to a real life example that demonstrates influence*

Known to be one of the most famous demonstrations of media having influence over it’s audience is the ‘Red barn murder’ of 1827. The ‘Red Barn Murder’ created much controversy and sparked so much interest that the incident became a ‘Popular Culture’ of sorts, with it’s own audience attending and financing Broadsides, Plays, Vaudeville, Film and Music. Media audiences also demonstrate their commitment to media through paraphernalia, as largely demonstrated by the current series ‘Game of Thrones’ and trilogy ‘Happy Potter’.

Anxieties surrounding the media we use…

The media we use is also sparking many issues in society surrounding social skills. With the ever-increasing popularity of ‘Social’ media, controversy is being sparked as to whether younger generations are becoming more anti-social. The media anxiety surrounding social media encouraging anti-socialism is due to the fact that face-to-face communication is no longer necessary.

Another major media anxiety surrounding social media is online predators. It is a common anxiety among parents that their children are left vulnerable online, which creates the perfect opportunity for online ‘poachers’.
For an interesting documentary on the anxiety of online ‘poaching’, see

Media anxieties in my opinion are incredibly necessary and relevant in society, as they help control the limits as to which media influences it’s audiences.

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2 thoughts on “Media Anxieties

  1. Good blog post. I like the way you broke the question into subheadings, making it easier to read and it also keeps the audience interested throughout the post. I somewhat agree with your idea about online predators and how kids are vulnerable and parents are worried, but I think that children are becoming more educated as it has been a huge issue over the recent years. Also I wouldn’t say that users are becoming anti-social as such, I would like to think that users are utilising resources to connect with people on a larger scale rather than just in their immediate social groups. Overall good ideas and an interesting read 🙂

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  2. I am on board with your idea that media anxieties are the result of a lack of understanding. I think that this can lead into the concept of negative experiences online.

    The media is moving so quickly that it is becoming harder for people in general and especially parents to keep up with all of the online threats that their children can be exposed to. It is so true that young children are the most vulnerable. I really sympathise with the anxieties parents, with young children online experience.

    I am on the fence about the idea that younger generations are becoming more anti-social, I feel like yes in the physical world they are retreating more and more, but they are creating a whole new meaning to the idea of ‘social’.

    I appreciate it when people pay attention to what is going on with todays youth and point out the real issues. Great blog 🙂

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