21st Century Media, there’s no escape.

As time progresses, the impact and amount of media platforms is rapidly expanding. As of the 21st Century, mobile Internet access is at an all-time high. Mobile Internet access is resulting in the concept that as of 2016, there really is no escaping the media.

With mobile phones having become a ‘pocket computer’ of sorts, the impact that media platforms have on everyday life is constantly increasing. With such a strong ‘always online’ presence upon today’s society, mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday online communicative life.


With modern society having such a strong emphasis on the importance of mobile phones, a hugely competitive marked has emerged. Therefore sparking the ‘Apple vs. Android’ debate.

‘IOS. vs. Android’. -Tech.co

In terms of popularity, Apple and Android are head to head, with many conflicting views as to which is the ‘better’ choice. Apple takes a much less customised approach, with a controlled platform and closed devices. Android however, is popular among those who wish to customise and alter their device, with an open platform and garden. There are positive and negative aspects to both contestants, so I feel it is simply a matter of personal choice.

I’ll admit, I’m an Apple girl, but I’ve attempted to be unbiased…

If you are intrigued and less biased than I am, feel free to form a stronger opinion here: http://tech.co/ios-vs-android-app-development-consumer-experience-comparison-2014-02

Until next time, that’s this week Pinned.


2 thoughts on “21st Century Media, there’s no escape.

  1. There is no doubt that smart phones (like iPhones and androids) are portable computers. With this shift into a mobile ecology we are always online, always connected which just reinstates your concept of there being ‘no escape.’ The Apple and Android battle is a great example, especially with how relevant they are in regards to open and closed platforms. You could possibly delve into the reasons for and against the different platforms in terms of structural uses, rather than leaving it as just subjective. Even some statistics would really boost this post. But overall, it was a succinct and to the point post with great imagery to back up your points.
I look forward to next weeks post. 

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  2. The idea that we cannot escape the media is a solid point to make in regards to open vs closed software systems. I feel though in order to link this point better to the android vs apple debate it could be understood that our societies always online presence is actually a result of these competing systems advancements. If we look back to McLuhan’s ‘the medium is the message’, it could be concluded that due to the competition of these mediums a message of always needing to have your device with you has arisen.

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