It doesn’t matter who owns it, so long as I can use it for free.

Media ownership. Does it really matter who owns our media?
Do the owners of our media affect the way we use it?


I know of Mark Zuckerberg, and that’s about where my media-ownership knowledge ends… As previously mentioned (Blog Post No.1 ‘Why am I here?’) I spend much too much time in front of a screen, but to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have the first clue who owns majority of the media platforms I engage with.

Australian Media Ownership- ‘Media interest snapshot’. []

Upon realisation…

It has recently been brought to my attention that majority of Australian networks are owned by a very small group of people and that ownership of Australian media has become very much a competition to gain the most ‘power’. Increasingly, Australian and international companies such as WIN Television and Fairfax Media are being controlled by figures who are already controlling many other large networks in Australia.

Large media ownership is demonstrated by Bruce Gordon, who owns roughly 15% of network 9, 10 and WIN, Australia’s three major regional broadcasters. This places Gordon at a high position of influence and power, as he can control what the population of regional Australia are largely exposed to and the perspective of the information they receive. Large media ownership in this context results both positively and negatively.

On a positive note, the majority of regional Australia are all being exposed to information from one perspective, which results in similarity of opinions on a national perspective.
On a negative note however, this also creates issues in bias and a lack of full perspective. If regional Australia’s networks were owned by largely different people, there would be more differentiation in the perspectives of the media being broadcasted, hence allowing the audience to gain a larger perspective.
This relates to Bruce Gordon’s large media ownership due to his large influence over the companies in which he holds steaks.

Bruce Gordon ‘Most interesting man’ Meme

 On a larger scale however…

On a larger scale I think media ownership isn’t as big of an issue, as the media users do not often communicate directly with the owner of a media platform, as in Facebook for example.
(However, Mark Zuckerberg, if you’re reading, I’ll happily agree to be friends)

In summary…

I personally do not take much notice of who owns the media platforms I engage with, as I, like many others, have a mentality surrounding the idea ‘It doesn’t matter who owns it, so long as I can use it for free’. However upon realisation, I acknowledge that media ownership does play a large and highly influential role in today’s society.

For more information on media ownership in Australia, visit:

Until next time, that’s this week Pinned.


3 thoughts on “It doesn’t matter who owns it, so long as I can use it for free.

  1. I honestly had never even thought about who owns the media before we went into this topic either, so i pretty much relate to everything you said in your last paragraph! Your statistics were really interesting aswell, and the media snapshot made it heaps easier to understand. Seeing as i’ve never felt restricted with what I can find throughout the media, who owns the media doesn’t really bother me that much either, but I do hate that theres such a small group of people that own the media as it restricts the differentiation in what is broadcasted in Australia. Your blogs set out heaps clear aswell and it was an interesting post 🙂

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  2. Hi, nice blog. You bring up a good point about how many people are unaware of the controlling media groups within Australia, and how only once you begin the look more into it we realize how few people are actually in control of Australia’s media. You have some good examples of those who are in charge of portions of the media, and what they do have control over. I like how you have used a pros and cons method to show the importance of you owns the media. Overall it made for an interesting read with good information and content, with a layout that made it easy to read and understand, and a funny image to add humor.

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  3. Really well set out and engaging, good layout, kept me reading and not bored. I agree with many of the statements that you have made in this blog such as the decrease in diversity of perspectives and bias created by lack of diversity. Although I disagree to an extent , as who owns media industries really largely impact the public, as they really impact on the news that is presented. For example many media organisations align themselves [ if not directly indirectly] with a political stance and as a result they reflect such views which influences viewers and consequently the political state of Australia as a whole to an extent. Overall great blog.

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