Craft and Digital aesthetic, can you keep up?

Craft and digital making…I can’t keep up!

As defined by the Oxford dictionary, craft is “an activity involving skill in making things by hand”. Craft involves two components; manufacturing and craftsmanship. Manufacturing is considered a ‘safe’ and ‘certain’ production, however craftsmanship is considered to be ‘risky’.

Digital aesthetic is a component of craft and digital making that entails rapid prototyping, error discovery, modifications leading to unexpected outcomes. Digital aesthetic craftsmanship is demonstrated by Apple Inc. through iOS Software updates.


Apple is famous for constant innovation and upgrades, which is demonstrated through regular updates on their iOS software. Apple’s software updates strive to achieve faster speed’s and eliminate identified glitches. However, although such frequent updates are largely beneficial, consumers are facing an issue of not being able to keep up. Much like Apple, Instagram frequently updates it’s software. Instagram however, recently witnessed backlash against an update, as the audience did not want the application to progress this way. Instagram’s audience could not ‘keep up’ with its constant changes and petitioned against the company as a result. Instagram and their audience’s reaction to digital aesthetic is a case very relevant to craftsmanship.

For information on Instagram’s recent complaints, see:

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