Media Audiences

“The three primary forces involved in convergence are media industries, technological platforms and audiences”
– Henry Jenkins

Media audiences have changed over time to be much more active. Before digital and online media, audiences were limited as to their level of participation. In a society where media audiences now wish to actively participate in conversation online, factors such as Metadata create great controversy.

But what is Metadata?

Although Metadata laws in Australia may restrict some from feeling as if their privacy is being breached, the scheme is in place to protect. Metadata looks only for threats and although personal information may be stored and potentially accessed by the government, this only reiterates the message that ‘when you post something online, you can’t control it anymore’. Metadata therefore, does not control the way audiences communicate online, but merely aids in protecting the audiences from potential harm.

For more information on Metadata in Australia, see below:

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3 thoughts on “Media Audiences

  1. Brad Hibbard

    Loved the post, I found it interesting in your podcast how you say you feel the government has a right to access the info if necessary. I mean to a certain extent i agree, sometimes it is needed but who gets to decide when it is or not. The boundaries become blurred. If you have heard about the recent โ€œtiffโ€ between the FBI and Apple, read here The FBI was asking for personal information in order to unlock an iPhone they needed access to, later it was found that they already knew how. You see they already knew but they just wanted a reason to be able to breach and get further access to apples databases with their permission, Fortunately Apple never gave in.

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  2. A great summary of Metadata and how it is incorporated into today’s society through the use of technology. Metadata laws are ever-changing and need to be carefully looked at and kept up to date with. I feel as your post may have needed a bit more on how these laws have effected people using everyday technological devices, such as saying how they have no privacy- even though they are entitled to privacy. But really enjoyed your SoundCloud as it linked well with the post itself! Keep up the posts!

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  3. Hi Emma,
    I really feel you have explained Metadata well, Especially for someone who previously didn’t understand fully what Metadata was. To think that all phone calls and text messages can be tracked is somewhat violating privacy laws, but I also look at as, if you have nothing to hide then its not a huge issue. I also enjoyed reading your blog post.


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