No, not multimedia…TRANSmedia.

“Transmedia storytelling is telling a story across multiple media and preferably, although it doesn’t always happen, with a degree of audience participation, interaction or collaboration.” (

The purpose behind transmedia storytelling is to disperse a message over multiple platforms in the attempt to spread content as widely as possible. The more channels by which content is distributed, the more detailed the storytelling will be.

Multimedia vs. Transmedia, what’s the difference?

Multimedia is a form more commonly known than Transmedia, and is often misconceived to be the same thing. Multimedia refers to a combination of communication forms, such as text, sound and video to form one piece of content. Transmedia however, focuses on the telling of a story via many mediums, such as games, television and film. Transmedia is demonstrated by the book trilogy ‘Harry Potter’ written by J.K. Rowling.


For more information about transmedia storytelling (one that is guaranteed to make more sense) see here:

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6 thoughts on “No, not multimedia…TRANSmedia.

  1. Emma, this was a good start in the right direction. I would suggest you dig deeper into what transmedia is, your meme was a great example of that. While you discuss about the multiple distributions of channels used in transmedia, you could elaborate on how content which is of different culture can be inspired for a much larger audience, and how initial content gets adapted. While it may be difficult to think what is transmedia, let me ask you this. Have you ever seen a British person win an Oscar for a Hollywood film? This is a blatant example of transmedia. It’s actually all around us.

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  2. Really good post, I especially liked how showed the difference between multimedia and transmedia. One thing I’ll say is that rather then just saying the book series of ‘Harry Potter’ is an example of Transmedia you should go into more depth. The book series itself isn’t an actual form of transmedia. What is an example is instead the book’s fiction that gets dispersed across different multiple delivery channels with each medium making its own contribution to the unfolding of the story. Pottermore, Harry Potter Studio, and the countless games and published fanfictions are these different examples. 


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  3. Emma, Interesting post. For me this was quite thought provoking, especially the comparison between multimedia and transmedia. great comparison between the language conversion being of multimedia platforms vs the crossover of books, movies and games as transmedia platforms. Love your meme, helps to demonstrate your point really well. If you have the time check out my prezi (or even blog). ( I have created a Marvel mindmap for one film which to me illustrated how transmedia is becoming more of a marketing trap through the use of convergence. Just a thought!

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  4. Your post discussed the difference between transmedia and multimedia very effectively. The points made had a strong supporting argument through the use of examples and the meme. To better the post, a little bit of more information may be needed when relating transmedia to Harry Potter- like how it is transmedia and what platforms has it come under. But overall, a solid effort in expressing your opinion on the topic.

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  5. Your post forms a good definition of transmedia and the difference between this and multimedia. I feel your argument could be better supported through the use of an example. You briefly mentioned “the book trilogy ‘Harry Potter’ written by J.K. Rowling” but how is this transmedia? What are examples of this being transmedia? Your meme provides insight but could be expanded to further support your argument. Overall, a good attempt but using a specific example could help to further your post.

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