Mix’n It Up

Remix culture

Remixing- because what’s more satisfying than something that’s already good…being made even better! Check out my Prezi for information on remix culture and remixing music and film!

Image via: http://www.hulkshare.com/maxxx0512/miike-snow-best-remix-2012-dj-madmax-mix-~1

Check out my prezi using the link below:

*Please bare in mind, this was my first EVER attempt at a Prezi*

*Yes, I’m behind the times and am a powerpoint girl*

Until next time, that’s this week Pinned.



3 thoughts on “Mix’n It Up

  1. Hey Emma, great stuff here, you’ve got some good examples for remixes, and your point is clear. For a first attempt, you’ve made a very passable Prezi! Might be an aesthetic issue but I think you could’ve used its visual effects more, as at the moment it’s effectively just a powerpoint. I also think you could talk more about how these artists and examples reflect on remix culture, and your own opinion on them. Overall, though, you’ve made a clear point and a simple, effective presentation, nice work!

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