Mix’n It Up

Remix culture

Remixing- because what’s more satisfying than something that’s already good…being made even better! Check out my Prezi for information on remix culture and remixing music and film!

Check out my prezi using the link below:

*Please bare in mind, this was my first EVER attempt at a Prezi*

*Yes, I’m behind the times and am a powerpoint girl*

Until next time, that’s this week Pinned.



3 thoughts on “Mix’n It Up

  1. Hey Emma, great stuff here, you’ve got some good examples for remixes, and your point is clear. For a first attempt, you’ve made a very passable Prezi! Might be an aesthetic issue but I think you could’ve used its visual effects more, as at the moment it’s effectively just a powerpoint. I also think you could talk more about how these artists and examples reflect on remix culture, and your own opinion on them. Overall, though, you’ve made a clear point and a simple, effective presentation, nice work!

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