Everyone’s a journalist. Yes, that includes you!

In a world surrounded by Tweeters and poster’s, everyone’s a journalist. Yes, that includes you!

Think of a journalist…Now think of every time you have found out a news piece from somewhere other than a news platform. All of those times outside of news platforms are in fact citizen journalism.

Citizen journalism involves the concept that everyone is a journalist and that in today’s society, people anywhere can brake news any time.

See my YouTube video for more!

Some more information on citizen journalism can be found below:

Until next time, that’s this week Pinned.


One thought on “Everyone’s a journalist. Yes, that includes you!

  1. I have a question. What do you think defines a piece of news, as opposed to a different bit of media or culture, like a status update on facebook? In your video, you considered twitter updates “citizen journalism” – and I’m inclined to agree, don’t worry! – but these are such tiny snippets of information, as Twitter is made to do, that could never exist through traditional journalism.


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