Enmore theatre vs Sydney Opera House: Same-same but different

For my focus study in GAGD290: Website analysis and re-design, I am analysing the website of Enmore theatre.

Current homepage’s:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.34.46 am
Homepage: Enmore Theatre (http://www.enmoretheatre.com.au)
Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.35.46 am
Homepage: Sydney Opera House (https://www.sydneyoperahouse.com)

Enmore theatre that has been operating since 1908. The theatre is highly unique due to its history and art-deco styling. The Enmore theatre is a venue that hosts many forms of live entertainment including stage shows, bands/music performances, comedy shows, etc.

A venue in the same genre to Enmore theatre is the Sydney Opera House. The website for the Sydney Opera house targets a relatively similar target audience and information, however presents this information with a vastly different interface design.

The website for the Sydney Opera House presents many functional elements that improve overall user experience. The home page of the Sydney Opera House website features a video display of performances within the theatre and Sydney harbour. The website also features navigation tabs of ‘What’s On’, ‘Visit Us’, ‘Our story’, ‘Give’, ‘Backstage’, ‘Schools’. The home page also features a large search bar across the top of the screen for ease of navigation. The Sydney Opera house website also only travels for two folds of a page, which creates ease of access for the user.

In order to enhance the brand identity of the Enmore theatre’s website, I will add photography of the theatre to the site’s background in order to update and enhance the aesthetic of the website. I will also add features such as a search bar and tabs such as ‘backstage’ and ‘our story’ in order to further invest users in the experience.

To see the websites that I will be researching, see:

More updates coming shortly!

That’s this week Pinned.


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