Growing up in the digital age…can you imagine life before technology?

As a baby of the late 90’s, I consider myself to have grown up in the semi-digital age. As a child I played with dolls and made towers out of video cases. I remember the day I got my first Tamagotchi and thought WOAH. As I grew older I witnessed advancing technology emerge.

Image of a Tamagotchi. Source: Project TamaShell

Recently I went skiing with friends and my mum also happened to be at the snow with her friends on this same weekend, however skiing on opposite sides of the resort. My friends and I were skiing in Blue Cow and my mum was skiing in Perisher when a debacle arose that got me thinking.

Let me paint you a picture………

Saturday 1pm in Blue Cow: Unfortunately, the weather was far from ideal, with 80km/h wind gusts and blizzards. My friends and I were skiing in ‘Blue Cow’, where the lifts eventually shut down due to the extreme conditions.  In an attempt to contact my mum I discovered that my phone battery has died in the cold and realise I am cut off. As a result of the shut down, my friends and I simply caught the tube to the other side of the resort and continued skiing.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 12.20.23 pm
Candid pic of me in the blizzard, blissfully unaware of my mother’s panic.

Saturday 1.30pm in Perisher: Skiing in Perisher, my mum receives news that “Blue Cow is being evacuated”. Panicked and confused, my mum attempts to contact me with no success. My mum spends the afternoon worried due to the fact that she has not heard from me since the so called “evacuation”.

Eventually (approximately 5pm) I arrived back at my hotel and had access to my phone charger. I texted my mum to recount the afternoon’s events, to realise my mum had spent the afternoon worried for my safety.

This experience got me thinking…How was life before technology in scenarios such as this? Due to such reliance on technology, this situation became a much more significant event than it had to be. My mum’s lack of ability to reach my phone created a scene of panic, and it had me thinking ‘What if technology wasn’t around? How would she reach me then? How did scenarios like this play out 50 years ago?’ If I had no access to technology, I would have had no ability to contact my mum and she would not have heard from me for another two days until I arrived home from my trip.

I feel as though as a young adult living in the digital age, I do take advantage of digital technology. I took my experience at the snow as a reality check, which has sparked an interest to investigate life before digital technology.

I hereby embark on an endeavour. In the coming days I will be discussing with my parents how they experience life with access to technology and how having kids grow up in the digital age affects their perception of technology.
It is my hope that through this investigation I will gain insight into life before technology and my attention to the significance of digital communication will be heightened.

Until next time, that’s this week Pinned.



One thought on “Growing up in the digital age…can you imagine life before technology?

  1. Hey E ⛷
    Let me take you back to circa 1981….
    We were on our family ski holiday. I was relegated to ski with Dad, which I cherish so much, & your Daddy was off for first tracks at Mt Perisher with the cool kids from Illabunda.
    Dad & I were heading back to the car for lunch, & I spotted a lovely little jump. I pushed off & gathered speed, flew through the air feeling as a free as a 9 year old could, until I landed in a ditch 😱
    After much squealing & carrying on, a ski Patroller stopped by, radioed ahead for a “basket” & in I was bundled. We went shushing down the slopes, my Dad in tow carrying the 2 ski patrol dudes stocks, plus his own. 🎿⛷☃️
    After arriving at the medical center, Mother flew in – not sure how she heard.because she spent the morning doing sketches of the landscape from the car.. Then to my amazement my Brother arrived. It was so lovely & I felt so special. 😉
    My Brother mentioned something about the possibility of my other leg being broken….the x-ray only revealed my left leg, so not sure how the other one could be broken….
    Perisher Circa 1981 relied on word of mouth through a much smaller Perisher “network” & chalk boards at various lift queues! How simple right?
    Fast forward to today – your Parents provided you with many “tools & resources” to make you smart, capable & sensible. And to boot you are lucky enough to enjoy a far more sophisticated world that none of us ever imagined, but that has made all of us who relied on messages written on chalk boards, feel “secure” thinking technology will save us!
    M-xx- ⛷☃️🎿❄️🏂

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