How can we put life on hold in order to REALLY live?

Life of a uni student as expressed by graduates of the 80’s: “PARTY! PARTY!”
Life of a uni student as experienced (by me) in 2017: “How am I supposed to balance life? I’M STRESSED!”

I’ll be honest, I know this topic runs deep, however I’ve just worked a 35-hour week on top of Uni and as it has now reached Sunday night it’s safe to say I’m exhausted. Which again, leaves me thinking about how tempting it would be to take a year (six months even) (FINE I’d settle for three) off life to actually live it.


What brings me here?
I’m constantly reading up on volunteer abroad programs, but no matter how much research I do, I’m always met with the same result, that being “Emma, you can’t just take six months off life.” There’s always one reason or another why I can’t drop everything and live life for a while. Whether that reason be Uni, work, money or simply hesitance. So week after week, I tirelessly balance a part time job, university and life in general.


So to you I ask:
How to balance life, work and happiness. How can we put life on hold to actually live it?

Through my research project I will investigate how much work a student should take on, considering factors such as financial stability, mental and physical health and overall happiness. I intend to focus my research on two areas in conjunction with one another, those being workload of Uni students and reasons why we don’t put life on hold to actually live it. I intend to conduct my research by combining quantitative and qualitative methods, in order to gain the most in-depth results possible.

The approach and goal:
Although I’m aware of my own bias, I intend to approach this project with an open mind. I will investigate how much work students view as “too much” and why we tend to put off living life, for reasons other than “I just can’t right now”. Is there ever really a ‘good’ time to take time off life?

I am aware that not all students may have experienced the desire to take time off life, and the idea of ‘actually living life’ will be expressed differently by many, and that I am excited to uncover.

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That’s this week, Pinned.