Digital artefact- Annotated bibliography

As an assignment for the subject ‘Convergent Media Practices’ that I am currently undertaking, I am to curate a digital artefact. Upon production, I was to find 10 sources and annotate them with reference to my digital artefact.

As my digital artefact I have created a YouTube channel and will be reviewing popular television shows such as Game of Thrones (which I still have not yet seen) based upon my first impressions.

More information on my digital artefact coming soon!

BCM112 Annotated bibliography

    This source was found to be very useful in relation to my digital artefact. This source enabled me to gain a further understanding of the popularity of current television shows and people’s views towards these shows. This website had discussion forums for each television show which enabled me to gain an understanding of audience participation. This website enabled me to form ideas about the way in which certain reviews may be received. For example, ‘Game of Thrones’ reviews will receive wider attention than ‘Orange is the new Black’ reviews, due to the audience’s participation levels.
    This source not only provided me with a detailed list of current popular television shows, but also provided examples of reviews on television shows. This source is highly relevant to the formation of my digital artefact as I was able to gain ideas of shows to review and also view previously recorded reviews of shows similar to those I will be reviewing. This demonstrated techniques used to engage an audience and way to constructively review an episode/ series. Although my reviews will differ from those posted on the ‘Hollywood Reporter’ website, this was a good starting point to gain ideas of certain factors to acknowledge within my reviews.
    I found the Reddit link for ‘Orange is the new Black’ highly useful in relation to my digital artefact. Through this page I was able to form an idea of the audience’s involvement and engagement with the series, and hence get an idea at the way my review of the series may be received. This source showed me that ‘Orange is the new Black’ fans utilise online media to share ideas about the show, which indicates that my review of she series based on first impressions will be widely received. I found the site ‘Reddit’ slightly difficult to navigate initially however; upon investigation I found the source very intriguing.
    The Reddit link for ‘Suits’ again demonstrated a high level of audience participation in discussion about the show. However, the level of discussion on Reddit was not as high as it was on the ‘Orange is the new Black’ page. This allowed me to gain understanding that my review for ‘Suits’ may not be as widely received as that of certain other show-reviews. I found this source useful in forming content to use in my digital artefact, as the show is clearly a very popular and engaging piece within current online media and is therefore an appropriate choice to review.
    I found the ‘Game of Thrones’ Reddit page was very unique. This page clearly demonstrated the immense popularity of the show and identified that it is by far the most popular television show out of the three studied. This enabled me to gain an understanding that my review on ‘Game of Thrones’ will most likely be the one most widely viewed and interacted with, due to the large activity online by fans. This enables me to ensure that my review for ‘Game of Thrones’ is particularly aimed at those interested in the show and to pay close attention to detail within this review.
    This source is highly relevant to the formation of my digital artefact. As a first-time YouTuber, I was completely unaware of how to start and maintain a successful channel. The ‘Addicted 2 Success’ website identified and detailed 8 techniques which will help to operate a successful YouTube channel. This source provided me with details useful in starting and maintaining a successful channel which are skills I was previously unaware of. This source has provided me with the knowledge necessary in order to give my digital artefact the best chance at reaching a wide and engaged audience. Although this source did not take audience-interaction into account as Reddit did, I still found this source a useful piece.
    Catherine Rinereitman is a highly successful female film reviewer. Assessment of Catherine’s YouTube channel demonstrated ways to engage an audience and techniques used to critically and constructively review a piece. Although Catherine reviews films and I intend to review television shows, the source still proved very useful in gaining an understanding of what is necessary in writing a successful review. Catherine demonstrates that a channel can boost its popularity by including and acknowledging viewer participation, as she answers questions and comments on the pervious video’s topic. I found this a good idea and will attempt to include this in my digital artefact.
    The YouTube channel ‘What the Flick?!’ demonstrates reviews of television show-episodes from the perspective of a very successful group. ‘What the Flick’ has become one of the most successful television reviewing channels on YouTube. Although the videos are very conversational due to there being a panel-like set up, the reviews posted are very engaging. This allowed me to gain ideas of ways to speak when engaging an audience and ways to casualise my YouTube clips. The source was therefore very useful in formation of my digital artefact as it was a very successful example to gain inspiration from.
    I found the YouTube channel ‘Blind Film Critic’ to be very inspiring. Tommy Edison has become one of the most famous film reviewers on YouTube, as he has been blind since birth and uses this as a strength. Tommy takes a very ruthless approach to reviewing films and is very open to criticize what he disapproves of within films being reviewed. Tommy does a brilliant job of making criticism constructive and as a result, is very engaging. The honest and genuine theme behind ‘Blind Film Critic’ inspired me to ensure that I am genuine with my opinions and honest about my first impressions of the shows that I review.
    The major issue I was set to face upon creation of content for my digital artefact was confidence on camera. This source provided techniques and strategies to use in order to overcome confidence issues on camera. With the help of this source, I can acquire the skills required to produce engaging and clear videos. As I am reviewing content, it is vital that I display confidence in my opinion and this source has enabled me to do this. This source is highly relevant to the formation and success of my digital artefact and will aid in the formation of successful videos.

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